Book and Magazine Markers (Kirsty Neale)

Me and these easy-to-fold markers go back quite a few years now. One Christmas, I was struggling to find gifts for my dad who can be tricky to buy for. Books are generally a safe bet, or maybe a good whisky, but it’s nice to be a little less predictable once in a while. As soon as I learned the five-step fold that makes this clever corner marker, I knew it would be a winner. He enjoys magazines as well as books, and the markers are perfect for slipping over pages to remind you of things you want to buy, try, or go back and read again later.

I dug out a collection of masculine-ish papers – including things like woodgrain prints, security envelopes, graph paper and maps – cut them into squares and folded enough markers to fill a small box. They’re super quick to make once you get the hang of it, and I love the idea of having enough that you don’t have to be frugal over where and when to use them.

Book and Magazine Markers 2 (Kirsty Neale)

It was such a well-received gift, I’ve repeated the idea several times since. As an alternative to packing them loosely in a box, they also work stacked together in a clear bag with a simple folded paper strip to seal the top edge. If you’re the party-throwing type, or planning a wedding, they’d also make terrific favours in this form. Unisex + inexpensive = the holy grail of handmade favours. Even a party-dodging, social halfwit like me knows that.

So, how to make your own set of markers, or even just a quick single? The instructions (excerpted from Paperie) are over at Stitch Craft Create, although odds are once you’ve made a few, you’ll be able to do it without referring back to the notes at all.

Book and Magazine Markers from Paperie (Kirsty Neale)
As a bonus, and so you can give it a try right now without having to fish around for scraps of fancy paper, I also have a set of ready-to-print patterned squares that you can download here for free. There are four squares in total, and each one is 10 x 10cm, my go-to size for marker-making. I’ve set them out so you can print two to a page of A4 or standard letter-sized paper, but you might prefer to combine the squares and save paper if you have a borderless or wide-format printer.

Book and magazine markers (printable)

You’re more than welcome to share – Pin, Tweet, hire a plane and write it in the sky – but please link back here if you do, and bear in mind the prints are for personal use only (which totally includes making as many as you like for gifts or favours, at least until the papercuts get serious).



  • Rebecca

    I love these! I have an overabundance of origami paper and this would be a perfect way to use some of those up!

  • Kirsty Neale

    Thanks, Rebecca! And yep, that definitely sounds like a good way to use up origami sheets – even better if they’re the double-sided, pre-cut squares. That would be a lazy girl (i.e. me!)’s dream. 😉

  • sylvie

    I love your beautiful world
    and I love England
    find your blog on Paper Interview
    have a nice day Kirsty

  • Cheryl.B

    These are so cute. Thanks! Why not turn the pdf into a little ebook: filling it out with with instructions and some text, and maybe some images for your other brill ideas as a teaser for Paperie? Then you could distribute it as a free ebook on OBOOKO, which may lead to increased sales of your books.

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